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At Khiron we want to take advantage of Colombia’s ground-breaking legislation, to contribute to the Medical Cannabis growth around the world. Our mission is to develop high-quality products, but our motivation is to help patients get better.

Exceeding Expectations

Khiron is focused on patients’ wellbeing. Our promise is to always deliver products that meet the medical industry’s expectations. We are working with physicians and regulatory authorities to establish the benefits of medical cannabis.

Passionate and Knowledgeable

We have recruited a pool of experts from around the world that are focused on the scientific and clinical aspects of cannabis. Our team includes experts from advanced jurisdictions including Canada and Israel.

Committed to Sustainability

Khiron is a company that promotes science, medicine, technology, innovation and efficiency, with the responsibility and commitment to contribute to Colombia’s and Latam's economies, scientific research, social structure, and protection of its environment.

Our business model is divided into three key aspects that reinforce our plant to patient strategy

Colombia offers a trained workforce, regulatory support, and an outstanding competitive cost structure for the development of a medical cannabis industry.

We have strong commercial relationships with leading Israeli and Canadian cannabis businesses and professionals to source scientific and clinical knowhow.

We work with seasoned Canadian cannabis investors and investment banks to source growth capital. Canada is the global financial capital for medical cannabis.

Plant to Patient

Khiron's value chain

Medical and Scientific R&D

Launching Colombian medical research studies with leading health organizations to understand and validate the benefits of medical cannabis.

Seed Selection

Obtain medically-validated strains for the optimization of efficient production of cannabanoids and other phytochemicals.


Leveraging ideal cultivation climate of our site to increase yields and consistency, while implementing sustainable cultivation standards and leading international site security standards.

Product Development

Developing medically-validated products based on medical research, and manufacturing these products in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure quality and consistency.

Doctor Engagement

Engaging the medical community to develop medications for specific indications. Continuously working with healthcare professionals to provide the latest training and information on medical cannabis.

Patient Oriented

Working hand in hand with healthcare professionals to offer patients an alternative. Developing meaningful relationships with patients by offering them information, support, and learning resources through outreach channels.

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