First Medical Cannabis Course Khiron – Ilans

Medical course

January 23 of 2019

First Medical Cannabis Course Khiron – Ilans

Bogotá, Colombia - January 21, 22, 23 2019

Khiron, with the support of ILANS, threw its first course directed to a strategic group of doctors from different specialties like neurology, pain and palliative care and anesthesiology. The three-day course was dictated by national and international cannabis industry experts like the Canadians Michael Boivind and Michael Dworkind and members of Khiron’s team: María Fernanda Arboleda, Ana María Borda and Juan Diego Álvarez. 

During the opening event of the course we had the pleasure to receive the health editor of El Tiempo Newspaper and the Presidents of five of the most important medical associations in Colombia, showing their compromise and support with these educational initiatives. 


These were the associations that joined us during the opening: 

1.    Colombian Association of Neurology 
2.    Colombian Association of Palliative Care 
3.    Colombian Association for the Study of Pain 
4.    Colombian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics 
5.    Colombian Association of Sleep Medicine 

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