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At Khiron, we see cannabis as an advancement in biotechnology which favors both medicine and people.

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A Latin American Cannabis Company with Global Growth




We are a dynamic cannabis leader targeting a market of 620 million people in Latin America. With operations and a presence across the region, joint venture entry into the US consumer market, and expanding activity into Europe, we are a Latin American company positioned for global growth.

Our cultivation capacity crosses multiple jurisdictions and with scientific research, clinical trials and education programs we are leading cannabis awareness in the region. We hold the endorsement of prominent medical associations and a network of medical clinics. 

Kuida®, our innovative CBD skincare brand, is marketed widely at retail and online across Colombia, and with secure entry to additional markets in the region and the United States forms the basis of our expanding wellness unit. 



Led by a highly experienced management team, we have a staff of 250 and growing, and a board of directors that includes the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox. Khiron lists on stock exchanges in Toronto, Frankfurt and New York.