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The use and access to this web site is regulated by the conditions indicated below as well as by the valid legislations. Khiron Life Sciences Corp and its subsidiaries (henceforth “Khiron”) are responsible for the administration and update of the following document and are the only one authorized to carry out this activity.

The use and access to this website is subject to the compliance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. When you access as a user of the website, you herby declare that you accept the Terms and Conditions stated below. Khiron, at any time, and without previous authorization or notification, may review or modify the information included below.

Khiron reserves the right to prevent the access to this website to people that violate the Terms and Conditions of Use. Also, Khiron reserves the right to bring forward any relevant legal actions because of non-compliance of the Terms and Conditions of Use.



The content published in this website is property of Khiron and has an informative purpose. As such, even though the persons that have participated in the creation and elaboration of its content have procured and will continue to include precise and updated information, the representation of accuracy and updates are not guaranteed. Thus, neither Khiron, nor the third parties that are part of the creation, transmission and production of this website, are responsible for the damages or detriments that may be generated as a consequence of the access or the lack there of, the use or lack of use of the website, or for having trusted the information indicated in the website.

The purpose of the information published in this website is not set to offer a medical solution for the users that access it. For this reason, it is recommended that the people that have any ailment or disease, go to a health specialist to take the specific case and apply the proper medical treatment under adequate supervision.

Industrial Property

The registered brands present in this website are property of Khiron. If they are not, this will be indicated. The non-authorized use of the registered brands and other materials of the website is explicitly prohibited and such an infraction is considered a copyright violation of the legislations of the registered brands and the industrial property rights.

The names, denominations, designs, photographs and illustrations that are found on this website are protected rights by the industrial property laws, and as such, may not be used or exploited by third parties without previous authorization.



The reproduction, copies, re-transmissions, downloads or distribution of the texts or documents present in the website, is not permitted without previous authorization form Khiron. In no case, does this document provide any transfer, license or industrial property rights from Khiron or from a third party.


The following privacy policy states the practices and procedures of Khiron, in relation with the collection, use and divulgation of the information on its website.

This policy is presented in compliance with the applicable norms, in Colombia as well as in Canada, and has the goal to provide knowledge on the handling of data and personal information that is registered in the data base.

For the following Information Privacy Policy, it is understood by:

  • Data Base: Organized set of personal data to be processed.
  • Personal Data: Any liked information or that can be associated with a persons or several natural people, determined or determinable.
  • Handling Manager: Natural or judicial persons, public or private, that by themselves or in association with others, has the task of the Handling of personal data by the Handling Controller.
  • Handling: Any operation or set of operations on personal data, such as the collection, storage, use, circulation or suppression.
  • Holder: Natural person whose data is object of treatment.
  • Handling Controller: Natural or judicial persons, public or private that by themselves or in association with others, makes decisions on the data base and/or Handling of the Data.

Handling of Personal Data

  • Khiron will proceed in the execution of the handling of Personal Data in compliance with the following rules:
  • Khiron will require written and previous authorization from the Holder, for the acquiring, handling and divulgation of this persons Personal Data, except in cases explicitly stated by law.
  • Notify the Holder of the Personal Data, the legitimate objective of the Handling of such data.
  • Maintain the necessary registry to demonstrate the acquiring of the Titular’s Authorizations.
  • Attend to the Holder’s of Personal Data inquiries.
  • Update the information in a timely and efficient manner, in order for its data base to stay updated.
  • Care for and maintain the security of the information to prevent its corruption, loss, or non-authorized consultation, use or access.
  • It will not collect or store data of children or adolescents.
  • Keep strict confidentiality of the Personal Data object of Handling.
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